Welcome to Spiritual Superhighway. My youngest daughter and I started this blog about five years ago as a collaborative effort. Yet as is the nature of life, the purpose shifted.

It's now primarily another venue where I share thoughts, poems, and topics for those who are seekers of truth. My daughter has since moved along in her journey which includes blogging as well.

Here I provide background information so that you can ascertain a little more about me. I encourage you too, to visit my primary blog

Professionally, I received a doctorate in education and worked in NY State's psychiatric hospitals for 30 years. Having grown up in New York City, I spent most of my career living and working in the New York City area. Professional areas of expertise include Therapeutic Recreation, Psychiatric Rehab and Psychiatric Treatment. As well, I served on the faculties of five different colleges and universities and worked many years managing community mental health programs. My work centered around helping the mentally ill integrate their altered state of consciousness into the physical world.

Over the years, I have written different spiritual books on the topic of the completed person and the original human development system. For a full list of books you can visit Additionally, I've studied in two modern mystical schools and through my books, articles and blogging, I help to make available aspects of this secret, inner teaching.

I encourage you to read, think and comment here as you desire. You may click on the Spiritual Superhighway link on the left side bar to take you to today's postings. In the meantime, remember ... don't limit the possibilities.